Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I Don't Have an Ipod

I am so excited about the $7.99 cd sale at Mardel this Saturday! As I was thinking about what cd's I'd like to purchase, it occured to me that I am one of the few STILL buying cd's. Most of my friends buy songs on itunes instead of puchasing the whole cd. I know I may seem a little "behind the times" not owning and Ipod and all, but let me tell you something...I was the first one in my house to own one! Yep, many years ago (okay, a few years ago), Jeff bought me an Ipod for Christmas. I never opened it. Six months later, it became Mikayla's Ipod on her 12th birthday. Now Jeff is on his 4th Ipod, Hatley has had 2, and Mikayla is on her 3rd. They keep getting the "lastest and greatest" one when it comes out. I, however, still don't have one. Sure I could get one too, but WHY? In order to actually use the Ipod I would need to be alone or at least doing something uninterrupted. AS IN NO ONE TALKING TO ME. yeah. Not gonna happen for at least 5 more years. Enough said. Oh, Ipod, I long for the day it's just you and me. I feel it would be like cheating on you if I got you now and had to divide my attention. Ya know, pause you each time my children need help or have a question. Some day, my love. Some day.

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glimpse of my world said...

Hey Susan... yes, i was in a dress and cowboy boots... you should have hollered at me ... I had a blast - I would have loved to meet you in person!! Dang it!!
Cute blog... thanks for popping by! Smiles to you....