Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Regrets with My Princess!

When Mikayla was little, I did not let her watch many fairytales.  We just didn't focus on those type of stories, whether in a movie or written.  Of course I got a lot of criticism, questions, and strange stares when this topic came up.  It wasn't something I announced or made a deal out of, but when she went to play with other little girls, or even in the nursery at church, it was obvious that she didn't know the newest Disney storyline.  There were several reasons for this decision.  She was extremely sensitive to anything visual that contained spiritual darkness.  We noticed this when she was watching Beauty and the Beast with her cousin at two years old.  She wouldn't watch certain scenes and was disturbed by others.  I LOVE a good romance as much or more than the next girl, so this was kind of sad to me at first.  Beauty and the Beast was my favorite princess movie!  I dreamed of watching all of the princess movies with my girl.  During this time, as new parents without a clue, we were striving to be deeply intentional in our parenting.  I began to realize there was a reason my little girl didn't react well to these types of movies.  God made her sensitive to darkness.  Fear is NOT from God, so why would I introduce my kid to things that scared her?  At first, this was the main reason for avoiding Disney movies.  They were not wrong, just wrong for her and how God uniquely made her.  After considering the true message in these movies, I realized that I did not want my daughter to buy into the lie that she needs a man to complete her or rescue her.  I wanted to teach her that she is a princess because her Father is the KING OF KINGS!  I wanted her to know that she is valuable just because God made her and loves her.  The only one coming for her on a white horse and can truly rescue her is JESUS!!  While I don't believe watching these movies is going to ruin young girls, I do know without a doubt that as her mom, I was making a decision based on my child's specific design.  It was my responsibility to guard her heart until she was able to do it herself.  Because I was so intent on doing everything with a purpose, I believed this was what God would have me do.  I am so thankful it worked!  She did not look for romance, or believe she had to have a boyfriend to be worth something in high school.  As a matter of fact, she didn't go on her first date until college.  She had a healthy view of relationships and her security was in Christ, not a boy.  She will be 20 years old next week.  Today, she LOVES those princess movies and that is OKAY with me.  She is grounded in her faith and confident in herself  so they provide hours of harmless fun. 
I did second guess myself many times.  I worried she was missing out on something as a little girl, but ya know what?  I have absolutely NO REGRETS! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Girl's Senior Year

It is so hard to believe Mikayla is a senior in high school, yet it seems she has been ready for this moment for a long time. She is not a typical teen at all. She prefers academics, hard work, and Bible study over parties and hanging out. Last September, she started her campaign to stop human trafficking. She organized a walk-a-thon, spoke on a local radio station, and began a blog to raise awareness. I am so proud of her!

Speaking on 89.7 Power FM in Dallas

Texas Wildfires

My husband and son are in Bastrop, TX this week helping wildfire victims sort through the rubble that was once their home. So far, 1554 homes have been destroyed and 34,000 acres. The fire is 70% contained at this point. Please pray for Texas. We need rain and a lot of it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My favorite photo (so far) taken with my new camera I got for Mother's Day! Jeff and Hatley got me the Nikon D3000 SLR camera. Mikayla got me something I LOVE...a special edition package for Tenth Avenue North's new cd!! It came with an autographed cd, a t-shirt, a journal/songbook, and a few free downloads. They have been my favorite band for a few years so I was THRILLED to get their new cd a day before it was released! Thanks family!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help for Haiti

Just in case anyone reads my blog....
Please check out and consider giving to their efforts in Haiti. This organization is amazing, REAL, and doing life-changing work all over the world. Craig Miller is a man on a mission. He can be ready to respond to a natural disaster long before most organizations get a plan together. He is in Haiti (left the morning after hearing about the earthquake) and will be sending supplies and teams for as long as needed.
If you don't know where to give...check out Thirst No More. They are on the ground and helping in real, tangible ways.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Few Recipe Site I Love

I have discovered several new recipe site lately that I really enjoy.

Why I Don't Have an Ipod

I am so excited about the $7.99 cd sale at Mardel this Saturday! As I was thinking about what cd's I'd like to purchase, it occured to me that I am one of the few STILL buying cd's. Most of my friends buy songs on itunes instead of puchasing the whole cd. I know I may seem a little "behind the times" not owning and Ipod and all, but let me tell you something...I was the first one in my house to own one! Yep, many years ago (okay, a few years ago), Jeff bought me an Ipod for Christmas. I never opened it. Six months later, it became Mikayla's Ipod on her 12th birthday. Now Jeff is on his 4th Ipod, Hatley has had 2, and Mikayla is on her 3rd. They keep getting the "lastest and greatest" one when it comes out. I, however, still don't have one. Sure I could get one too, but WHY? In order to actually use the Ipod I would need to be alone or at least doing something uninterrupted. AS IN NO ONE TALKING TO ME. yeah. Not gonna happen for at least 5 more years. Enough said. Oh, Ipod, I long for the day it's just you and me. I feel it would be like cheating on you if I got you now and had to divide my attention. Ya know, pause you each time my children need help or have a question. Some day, my love. Some day.